ST. CLOUD -- Students across the state adjusted to a new way of learning Monday as school district implemented their new distance learning plans.

Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker says while there were a few hiccups, it was a successful day.

She says even though students may not be in the classroom, they should be able to pick up right where they left off.

Our expectation from the beginning was to make sure that when we launched distance learning we were ready to teach to the academic standards, make it accessible, and earn the credits students needed to earn.

Ricker says while there is a chance students could go back into the classroom, school districts are prepared to finish the year through distance learning.

She says they are aware of the concerns parents and seniors are feeling, but are very confident each student will graduate on time.

We are all trying to think very carefully about the decisions we are making to make sure our seniors feel supported and they don't feel some of the big events in their lives are drifting out there.

Organizations such as The College Board, are also making adjustments for students who are pursuing a higher level of education. The ACT exam has rescheduled their national test day from April 4th to June 13th, as well as provide other accommodations for students.

Ricker says she's grateful to all parents, students and educators for their cooperation during this unusual circumstances.

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