Yesterday, I reviewed Niche's annual grades of Minnesota school districts. The results I found were a bit shocking. So today, I decided it was only fitting to investigate the 'grades' of our beloved post-secondary schools.

I graduated from the every so glamourous Minnesota State University, Mankato. Now, I loved that school, but I had a feeling it wasn't top-rated. And I was right. I assumed the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities would be top dog, but alas, I was wrong! The number one college is actually right in our backyard (aka in Northfield).

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Top-Rated Colleges In Minnesota 

1. Carleton College in Northfield

2. Macalester College in St. Paul

3. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

4. St. Olaf College in Northfield

5. University of St. Thomas in St. Paul

Breakdown of the Report Cards:

Academics category is 40% of grade

Value category is 27.5% of grade

Professors category is 7.5% of grade

Campus category is 5.0% of grade

Diversity category is 5.0% of grade

Student Life category is 5.0% of grade

Local Area category is 2.5% of grade

Safety category is 2.5% of grade

The remaining 5% is based on student surveys on their overall experience.

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For more information on the sources used to compile data, click here

I do have to note, Minnesota State Mankato did get As in the following categories: Athletics, Student Life, and Party Scene. Basically, all the important things, right?

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