It is always sad when a farm show like Pork Congress, the North American Farm and Power Show, Minnesota Ag Expo or Farmfest are over. There are so many great people at these shows, farmers, exhibitors. workers, visitors and and even those that are there to get "free stuff." Maybe I should include free food too? It is amazing how quickly all the exhibitors can get their booths packed up and the staff can get all the poles and skirting packed away.

The farm shows are always busy with interviews to do, sessions to moderate and people to talk to. I have mentioned it before, each event I go to is like a family reunion. Some people I see at almost every show, others I see only at a specific event. The biggest compliment I can get is to have a listener come up and want to say hi. While it is a bit sad when an event or show is over, there is always next year! By the way, in one of the pictures is Yvonne Simon who is a field representative with the Minnesota Farm Bureau. If Yvonne tells you I stopped by the Farm Bureau booth numerous times for a piece of candy, it was not THAT many times!

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