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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The investigation into a deadly bike-truck collision in rural Rochester has resulted in a misdemeanor traffic citation against an Oronoco man.

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office Captain James Schueler says 61-year-old James Hanson has been cited for failure to yield in connection with the June 22 collision that claimed the life of 48-year-old Stephen Pieper of Rochester. He was riding a bike down a hill on Country Club Road Southwest when Hanson pulled out from a stop sign and into his path at the intersection with 60th Avenue Southwest.

The investigation determined Pieper Hit the side of the truck and then slid underneath the vehicle. he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Stephen Pieper/GoFundMe site
Stephen Pieper/GoFundMe site

Pieper was well-known for his work as a nurse anesthetist at the Mayo Clinic, along with his charitable works and involvement in Rochester’s biking and running communities.

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