This new establishment combines two of my favorite things-- dogs and beer-- and it's less than an hour away from Faribault!

You can put this in the 'Things I Wish I'd Have Thought Of' file because it sounds incredible. It just opened Thursday, January 30th in Minneapolis (specifically at 200 East Lyndale North) and, yes, it's billed as Minnesota's only dog bar.

Wait, what? A dog bar? What's that? A bar where only your faithful canine companion can get a beverage? Well, not quite. But if that's what you were thinking, you're not too far off.

Minnesota's only dog bar is actually a business called Unleashed Hounds and Hops, and according to their website, "We are committed to bringing responsible dog owners together in a safe and friendly environment. We live by the motto 'Nothing brings people together better than good food, cold beer and your best friend,'" the site noted.

What it actually is, is a dog park-meets-beer hall kind of place. Your dog can run around with other dogs and burn off some of that extra energy (which our dog, Asher-- an Australian Cattle Dog-- has a TON of!) while you enjoy some locally-sourced eats and a lovely adult beverage (or two), including wine and on-tap beer from some of Minnesota's great craft breweries. (And, yes there ARE also treats available for your furry friend too, after all, their website says it's a 'bar for true best friends.')

Like most dog parks or daycares, your pet has to meet several specific guidelines, like being up to date on their shots, etc. After that, admission will run you $6.99 per dog ($4 for a second dog.) Monthly and annual memberships are available at a discounted rate.

And, this Star Tribune story said that if the Minneapolis location of Unleashed Hounds and Hops is successful, the owners plan to open more locations in the future. Could a Rochester be a possibility? Let's cross our paws!

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