We all have our pet peeves when it comes to hitting the road in Minnesota. The left lane cruisers are the worst in my book. Some people actually have no idea whatsoever on the rules of the road. But I've lived in states with worse drivers.

For the most part, surrounding states did pretty well in this survey by WalletHub. Iowa took the # 4 spot for best states to drive in. Indiana came in at # 2 and South Dakota holds the # 9 spot with Ohio at #10 and the Cheese State Wisconsin grabbed the # 11 spot for the best states to drive in.

Gee, you'd think that Minnesota would be right in there, right?  Well, there we go thinking again. Minnesota came in at # 32. That's not so good. That means 31 states are better to drive in.

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What really surprised me was that the # 1 state to drive in, was none other than Texas. What?  I've lived in Texas and driving was a nightmare there. I remember sitting on the on-ramp in Houston for 35 minutes waiting to get on the freeway because the freeway was full. That's right, bumper to bumper full.

Road construction and traffic weren't the only issues, "Congestion isn’t the only concern on the road, though. People want to know that they will be driving on safe, well-maintained roads before heading out. The U.S. has a fairly good track record in these regards, but certainly doesn’t top the list. For example, the World Economics Forum only places the U.S. at rank 17 of 141 when it comes to road quality."

Some of the other breakdowns in WalletHub's survey were a little kinder to Minnesota. We ranked 27th in cost of ownership and maintenance, 30th in infrastructure, 26th in safety, and 18th in access to vehicles and maintenance.

In case you are wondering which state came in dead last, it was Hawaii coming in at #50.

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