Today marks an historic occasion as it is the 60th Anniversary of the very first McDonalds to open in Minnesota.

According to, the store location at 2075 Snelling Avenue North in Roseville, opened for business on this day back in September of 1957. The McDonalds chain itself had started two years earlier.

Former Minnesota Viking, Tim Baylor is the current owner and operator of the Roseville franchise, and as part of their celebration of sixty years of existence, they are offering hamburgers and cheeseburgers for only sixty cents served by employees dressed in old school McDonalds uniforms. There will also be complimentary cake and ice cream.

The funny thing is I read this story earlier today and it was enough to plant the seed which slowly blossomed into the desire to have McDonalds for lunch. Even though I'd brought food from home I just had to run to our local McDonalds for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal (Roseville is just a little too far to drive to on my lunch break).

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