Halloween is just over a month away, so, of course, we're all about stocking up on the candy. But Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy isn't one you'd probably think it is.


Around this time of year, you can find tons of different surveys about Minnesota and Halloween. Like, The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Minnesota. Or Minnesota's Favorite Scary Halloween Movie. Most of these surveys are just taken from some lame online survey or Googled phrase.

But this new survey about the favorite Halloween candy in each state is actually based on some solid figures. It was compiled by candystore.com, a candy retailer that ships some of the most popular candy out there today. And, overall, we buy a LOT of candy. The story said Americans will spend $2.6 billion on trick-or-treating this year!

To find out our favorites, they looked at the actual sales figures for each type of candy and came up with the top sellers in each state. They then compiled an overall list of the Top Ten Favorite Halloween Candy. Nationally, Skittles came in at #1, followed by M &M's, Snickers, Reeses Cups and Starbust.

Those all sound about right. I love me some chocolate, so I'd probably put M&M's or Snickers at number-one. But when you look at just the candy sales here in Minnesota, you get a bit different picture.

The favorite Halloween candy in Minnesota? Yeah, that's be... Tootsie Pops. Really?!? Don't get me wrong, I love a Tootsie Pop every now and again but is it really our favorite? According to candystore.com's figures, it is-- Minnesota bought over 202,210 pounds of them.

Our second-favorite candy was Skittles, with 196,451 pounds sold. Rounding out the top three was Candy Corn, with 96,431 pounds sold. You can check out the entire list HERE.

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