Brent Christensen created an ice cave in his yard to get his six kids to turn off the TV and go outside during the winter. It worked and shortly afterward all of the kids from his neighborhood were showing up to check out the "Ice Castle" in Christensen's yard. The rest is history.

A dad doing something cool for his kids is how one of the most breathtaking winter attractions got started. Today, there are only 6 "Ice Castles" in all of North America and one is right here in Minnesota. Below you can see pictures of this amazing attraction which is carved out of ice and features frozen thrones, ice slides, and tunnels and find out when it is opening for the season.

Minnesota’s Breathtaking Frozen Attraction Is 1 of Only 6 In All of North America

It started as a backyard project by a cool dad and has grown to be one of the most amazing winter attractions. Your family will love exploring The Ice Castles in Minnesota. Below you'll see some incredible images captured onsite, find directions, and ticket info.

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