Want some proof that alcohol inhibits your ability to make smart decisions? Look east as a Wisconsin man decided that it was time to take his truck and ice house out to a Wisconsin area lake. The only problem was there wasn't any ice to be had, and his truck and trailer wound up underwater. The Barron County Sheriff's Office, shared a photo of the incident on social media, with a message for area anglers, "THE.ICE.IS.NOT.READY.YET."

The post by the Barron County Sheriff's Office states that last night deputies were dispatched to an area lake after the driver of a pickup towing an ice house decided he was going out to catch some fish.

Where do we begin with this one…
Look, OK yeah it got below freezing the last couple nights, and OK yeah the frost has made an appearance, and sure we love ice fishing as much as everyone else… BUT, and this is important….
Please keep the shacks at home for the time being, let’s enjoy fall while it’s still here yeah? We will have plenty of time to freeze our butts off in the dead of winter.
And yes, alcohol was a factor in this crash for those wondering, in fact it was the 3rd OWI incident for the night. C’mon now…
The driver did make it out of the vehicle without incident.
The Sheriff's Office had some fun with the post as well, they hashtagged the bottom of the post with #tellmeyouvebeendrinkingwithouttellingmeyouvebeendrinking
While it's been chilly, with lows last night here in South Central Minnesota dipping into the low to mid-20s, it's nowhere near time to start hauling ice shacks out onto the lake.

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