Apparently, America has been begging for the greatest candy ever in a low-calorie version. That candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and the low cal is coming in 22019, and comes from making it thinner, not changing the ingredients.

I said apparently because peanut butter cup fans are NOT happy with the announcement of 40% chocolate and peanut butter (basically, a skinnier PBC). You can read all the angry Tweets HERE, but basically, they're saying no one asked for this, and they want fatter peanut butter cups, not skinnier peanut butter cups.

But the regular PBC's will still be available, if you don't want the low-calorie version, don't buy it. Problem solved.

I've had the large and the extra stuffed and the huge peanut butter cups. The chocolate to peanut butter filling ratio is all over. Maybe by reducing the whole thing 40% they keep the perfect ratio you'll find in the "bite-size" and the original size.

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