I was having a conversation with a friend the other day talking about what they have done with the time you have had  during the pandemic.  Some people have continued to work throughout any quarantine time,  but still find themselves with some extra time just because there aren't nearly as many events as there used to be pre-pandemic.

Rosetta Stone


She was mentioning that she is learning a new language.  At first I thought that was fairly ambitious.  But actually, if you can accomplish that, you can feel pretty good about yourself.  Like you did something that was super worthwhile and useful.

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Some of the other things that people have been doing according to a study is cooking more, baking a bit more. For me, that has been the case.  Like trying things outside the box.  Things that might be a bit more complicated that what  I would have tried previously.

Some people have been hiking a bit more... the winter weather might put a bit of a damper on that; might have to make the move to cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.  Some other hobbies have been learning to meditate or  taking up yoga.  Both of these things are made to relax you and make you more centered.  It's been chaos. No one needs that, plus the added stress that has invaded  people's minds.  Plus, yoga has the added health benefit to make you stronger and more flexible.

More people have also started putting together old photos... even scrapbooking a bit more.  Me- no interest in that.  I had good intentions at one point, just didn't take.  So my photos still sit in a shoebox...actually several shoeboxes.

Whatever you have started as a new hobby, try and keep up with it.  I've heard about people reading more too.  That's a good one.  Hopefully this will be over soon and some sort of normalcy will be back.  But, maybe some good will come out of this... learning something new.

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