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The River Morning Show asked you that question recently. There were some great answers and funny exchanges. I said my snack was "Old Dutch chips and Top the Tater" (so good). Abbey said her was "Twizzlers by the fistful" (hard to argue that).

Here are some answers from other Minnesotans. There were a few rocked the 'Top the Tater.'  as well.

Potato chips and Top the Tater! - Deanna Dingmann


Then Amy showed up and changed my world.


Amy Richmond Sevre: David - I'm with you... I bought the Sam's club size of Top the Tater.... not a good idea... but delicious none the less. Now I need more chips!


David Black: What? Sam’s has a bigger sized TOT?!?! You shouldn’t have told me that.


Then others mentioned things that are better for you as if to make us snack 'sinners' feel bad. Turns out that wasn't the case. They're just trying to eat better like many of us.


Julia Ann: Fruit

David Black: You are so right. I’m trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I’m going to rock some cucumbers and hummus tonight.

Julia Ann: Don't get me wrong. There have been cookies.


Here's what some other people were 'quarantine snacking' on:

Thank God for the Parkwood Theater - Mark Stimac


What hasn’t! Lol - Scott Alan Adamski


Ice Cream - Linda Palmer


Shelled sunflower seeds or ice cream bars - Lynette Eder


I’m trying new recipes. My favorite so far is seafood enchiladas! - Lynn Wear Mahlum


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Thanks for the responses and for giving us ideas for different things to buy.


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