I'm really bummed out man. I've said it many times on the radio show over the last several weeks. If there's one thing I've been missing the most during this pandemic -- it's BASEBALL. I know, it's just a game. But I'm a big fan of the Minnesota Twins and a big fan of baseball in general. And this 'missing' thing is getting worse as each week passes.

It wasn't as bad in the beginning because April flew by so fast, and everything was a blur with trying to adjust to all this self-quarantining and social distancing. But now that it's May and things have slowed and there's more of a routine, it's been hitting me harder the last week or two.

A Lost Magical Season?

This season was going to be an exciting one for the Minnesota Twins. They signed power-hitting 3B Josh Donaldson in the off-season and Twins fans were anxious to see what he could bring to the team. Some of the Twins younger players like Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton are starting to come into form. It was Rocco Baldelli's second season as the Twins manager, and I was curious to see if he learned anything after his first season.

Minnesota Twins Introduce Josh Donaldson
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I've been thinking more about the games I would have attended or watched on TV by now -- even my 16-year fantasy baseball league that not happening.
I'm getting so desperate for baseball, that I don't care if they play in empty stadiums for the rest of the year.

Can We Get A Little Baseball?

It's possible. Owners and players are in talks of possibly having a shortened season starting around July 1st. How they would do it and who gets paid what is the main topic of discussion. Which this, of course, gets my mind going even more. Now we hear that those talks are not going well. So I get worried that I will get my hopes up and then feel worse than I do now if it doesn't happen.

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins
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This will be the second summer in Minnesota since we moved back home about a year and a half ago. I had chances to go to a couple of games last year but I never went. And now I'm really kicking myself for it.


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