The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is asking Minnesotans who may have purchased rustic log furniture to check the furniture for insect damage.

The MDA investigated two separate incidences of rustic log furniture housing invasive insects. In both incidences, insects were found to be living inside the furniture. The brown fire beetle was found in rustic pine furniture imported from China to Minnesota. The velvet longhorned beetle was found in rustic walnut furniture, again imported from China to Minnesota, according to the MDA news release.

"This is a good reminder that invasive insects, which can do great harm to Minnesota's natural resources, can get into the state in many ways," said Geir Friisoe, director of MDA's plant protection division. "There is furniture manufactured in this style that is safe our there; however, it is important when shopping for this type of furniture to remember that buying local is always best and reputable sources should be used."

If you have this kind of furniture that was made outside the United States, the warning signs to look for are visible exit holes, sawdust around the furniture and wood damage that is suspect. If you do find those signs, the MDA urges consumers to call the MDA's Arrest the Pest telephone line at (888) 545-6684.

Consumers can also visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's website.

photo from Tamara Gruhot
photo from Tamara Gruhot

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