Well, not all thieves are smart. I came across a crime story online and it gave me a really good laugh, especially because the whole thing seems like it is a prank it is so outrageous. The story involves some thieves, a stolen car and the cops.

MNCrime.com reported on the story, which took place in St. Cloud last week. St. Cloud is a few hours from the Twin Ports. Earlier this month, officers were staking out the parking lot of a local business because there had been a bunch of thefts there as of late.

There was yet another one while the officers were on scene at the business. They saw a man get out of a black Equinox and enter the store, which was not named in the report. As he was leaving with a handful of goods, he dropped everything and got back into the vehicle. This was his second mistake.

The car sped off, even after officers tried to get them to stop. As they always do, the officers located the vehicle again. This led to another police chase that ended in the suspects driving off and refusing to pull over the car. Thankfully, one of the officers was able to spot the driver of the vehicle.

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That driver? A 27-year-old, who allegedly ditched the stolen car in a parking lot in the area. This is where the story really gets good, with that same driver heading to the St. Cloud Police Department a short time later. He asked officers where his car was and told them he drove his friend to the mall in the car but fled because he was "panicked and scared" at the time.

He didn't mention this until the officers told him the car was involved in a crime. Sigh. I don't know what is in the water lately but it seems that everyone has gone a little crazy behind the wheel. In March, a car full of people was caught throwing cheese at other cars for no good reason in Minnesota. In April, a Minnesotan was arrested for a wrong-way police chase that included a stop at Menards.

You really couldn't write this stuff if you tried.

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