Well this news is coming at a weird time isn't it?

Minnesota was just ranked the 3rd overall safest state in America. This study was conducted by WalletHub and ranked states against each other in 53 different safety indicators in five categories. Some of those indicators were things like coronavirus support, unemployment, assaults, work injuries, and traffic safety.

Minnesota was ranked third with an overall score of 62.42 behind Vermont (65.48) and Maine (66.02).

We were ranked #1 for workplace safety, #3 for road safety, #4 for financial safety, #11 for personal and residential safety, and #21 for emergency preparedness. That last one has shown its colors in the past week.

The study also found we have one of the lowest share of uninsured people living here, and fewest fatalities per 100 million miles of travel on roads.

This news is great, but it's just coming at such an intense time of unrest in our most populated areas after the murder of George Floyd. Protests, riots, fires, looting, and the National Guard being called to action down in the Twin Cities has really put people's sense of safety into question. I know I have been worried about the safety of friends and family that live in those areas most affected. Here's to hoping peace comes back to the Twin Cities area soon, and people feel safe once again.

Source: WalletHub
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