This weekend is once again the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Take A Kid Fishing Weekend. From June 11-13 Minnesotans who are 16 years or older can take a child 15 or younger fishing for free, without a license. The event gives kids and families a chance to try out fishing without the expense of a license.

The DNR also gives a bunch of tips on fishing basics, understanding that some people may not even know where to start. Shore fishing may be your best bet, and there are plenty of spots to do that in State Parks, public boat landings, and other places.

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Fish like to stay in a certain spot so you may need to cast along the shoreline to find where they are.  In the spring, cooler water temperatures keep fish near the shoreline. That's also where they lay their eggs and spawn. You can usually get on to some crappies or sunfish relatively easy near the shore.

When temps warm up and the water does too, fish move deeper into cooler water. Your best bet if you are still fishing from shore is pick the cooler times of day, like early morning or late evening. Also fishing on a river shore sometimes is better because the water is a bit cooler than nearby lakes.

The Minnesota DNR also has learn to fish opportunities across the state for families and kids. There are even some fishing camps for kids you can sign up for. There's a list of events and activities on their website in the learn to fish section. 

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