Three Irondale High School students presented to the administration in October to propose a plan to commit to 100% clean energy by 2030. They ended up getting approval!

These three students are senior Lily Cartier, junior Sabrina Deriche and sophomore Iman Deriche. WCCO says they're all a part of Irondale's Environmental Club "and they all share a fear for the world that they hope to live in one day." “'This is the year where if we don’t fix it by then, there will be irreversible climate change,'” Lily said to WCCO.

As part of their plan, they want to add more solar panels to the school and also remove single-use plastic, especially plastic straws.

Lily, Sabrina, and Iman credit their science teachers for all of the help they gave them. The three students plan to train the next members of the Environmental Club to continue their work once they graduate.

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