They're currently immersed in some serious training, but soon some of the cutest troopers you've ever seen will be protecting and serving the citizens of Minnesota!

That's because the Minnesota State Patrol just posted a picture of some way-cute new... K-9 officers... on their Twitter page Wednesday! And, yeah, they're pretty cute, alright.

The post noted that the two new troopers-in-training are both from Hungary, and are named Lusi (who's 14 months old) and Brexi (who's 18 months old). The post went on to say that they're currently undergoing the Minnesota State Patrol's three-month training, but that when they're done, they'll be joining the patrol in the west metro and Rochester districts.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website, both Lusi and Brexi will join one of the State Patrol's 13 different K-9 units across the state and will be trained in either the detection of illegal drugs or to detect explosives.

The site also explained how the Patrol uses these K-9 troopers. "These dogs are trained to sniff loaded semi-trailers by walking on top of the cargo, or by squeezing through gaps in the cargo, to check the entire length of the trailer. They are able to do this in a fraction of the time it would take a human to search the same vehicle," the site said.

I'm always amazed at the incredible level of training police K-9's exhibit. My wife and I have been busy for the past year trying to get our 18-month old Australian Cattle Dog, Asher, trained, so we know what a process that can be-- and that's just training him to quit herding our cats and not chase squirrels and rabbits while we're out on a walk!

So, welcome to the Patrol, Lusi and Brexi. Who's a good boy?!?

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