A number of years ago the Minnesota Soybean and Research Council (MSR&PC) began a program called See For Yourself. The MSR&PC is a check-off program meaning the funds can be use for research, education and promotion. When soybean farmers sell a bushel of soybeans a couple cents a bushel is sent in to the check-off. Some of the check-off funds are invested overseas to find and develop new markets for soybeans. The ultimate goal is to increase soybean farmers bottom lines.

Specifically, some check-off money was invested in Colombia and Chile. Columbia has turned into the fourth largest imported of U.S. origin soybeans and the fifth largest of U.S. origin soybean oil. Chile is similar but with more emphasis on meat and aquaculture. So, 10 Minnesota soybean farmers will be leaving on February 3, 2018 on a See For Yourself trip to those countries. "This program is a great way to gain a better understanding of why the soybean check-off is of value to farmers. It helps give farmers an inside look at investments made that affect both direct and indirect markets" said Patrick O'Leary, MSR&PC chairman.

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