Minnesotans have always known that we are fortunate to live in a fantastic state, although we're not likely to brag about it. Now, there is more evidence to support that theory. In a recently released Best States report from U.S. News, the Land of 10,000 Lakes claimed No. 3 in a ranking of states. 

Having been beaten out by only Massachusetts claiming the top spot, and New Hampshire as No. 2, Minnesota fared very well in the recent ranking. Coming in as No. 4 was North Dakota, and rounding out the top five was Washington.  At the bottom of the list were Louisiana at 50, Mississippi at 49, Arkansas at 48, Alabama at 47 and New Mexico at 46.

Wondering where our neighbors rank? As mentioned, North Dakota is directly below us coming in at No. 4. Iowa is ranked sixth. South Dakota sits at 15, and just below that at No. 16 is Wisconsin.

Using data from McKinsey&Company, each state received a score for sub-categories that then were weighted in order to rank the states. Categories used to assess the states included health care (weighted at 18 percent), education (weighted at 16 percent), crime and public safety (weighted at 14 percent), infrastructure (weighted at 14 percent), opportunity (weighted at 12 percent), economy (weighted at 12 percent), and government (weighted at 10 percent). Minnesota came in third in healthcare, 11 for education, 17 in the nation for crime and corrections, fifth for infrastructure, No. 2 for opportunity, 12th for the economy, and 24th for government.

See the full report here, and, as you zip up your winter jacket, remember that we may not be able to boast about palm trees, but we are home to Bob Dylan, Prince, the Mayo Clinic, 3M, the Mall of America, far more than 10,000 lakes and now, claiming rights as the No. 3 state in the nation!

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