Researchers from the University of Minnesota attended the 2015 Minnesota State Fair to find out what makes a perfect smile and have just released their findings.

Sofia Lyford-Pike is an assistant professor at the university and a plastic surgeon. The Denver Post reports that she works on patients with paralyzed faces and has to make  decisions about how to shape their smile.

The team had 800 fair-goers rank 27 different smiles with the width, angle and amount of teeth adjusted in each smile.

Photo Courtesy of Plos One
Photo Courtesy of Plos One

So which is the perfect smile?

Researcher Stephen Guy told MnDaily that there is no such thing as a perfect smile but did say "the most highly rated smile was “medium” for all the characteristics — a smile that’s not too wide, not too narrow and with just the right amount of teeth shown."

Lyford-Pike said she use this data for future surgical procedures.

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