Are you scared to drive in Minnesota? Coming from Denver, traffic here in Minnesota is nothing. Well... according to Quote Wizard Insurance News you should be scared to drive here. Oaky, that is an exaggeration, but still.  In their "Minnesota Driver Report," Quote Wizard Insurance News said  Minnesota is the 6th worst driving state in the country.

Like every study, multiple factors were considered. Some of those factors were the quality of the drivers in the city. They also looked at how distracted drivers in the city were. The quality and ability to drive for different age groups. Researchers looked at the infrastructures of the roads and if in the cities. After considering those factors, the state was given a score.

Overall Minnesota received a C-. The article says that the reason we scored this high and not lower was that we received high marks in our road infrastructure and in the distracted driving category. The article also said that Minneapolis was ranked the 30th best driving city in the country.

Other discoveries were made with this study. Researchers found that 15% of our roads are in poor condition. The reason this rose some eyebrows... it impacts your pocketbook. The article says that these poor road conditions cost us on average of $542 each year. That's a lot of money.

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