Teaching is a difficult career choice in many ways. There is the cost for college, sometimes it takes time to find a job and for a number of years the pay may be very low and there is the cost of continuing education.

Some teachers after a few years throw in the towel and try something else. Wallethub, said that according to the National Center for Education Statistics, about a fifth of new public-school teachers leave before the end of their first year, and nearly half never last more than five. Many teachers, especially novices, transfer to other schools or abandon the profession altogether “as the result of feeling overwhelmed, ineffective, and unsupported,” according to ASCD, a nonprofit focused on improving the education community.

The good news is that Minnesota made the top 10 best states to be a teacher. Coming in at number 6, with an opportunity and competition rank of 10 and a academic and work environment rank of 9. The rest of the top 10, David Letterman Style:

Top Ten Best States to Be a Teacher from the home office at Wallethub:

10. Oregon
9. Ohio
8. Wyoming
7. Massachusetts
6. Minnesota
  5. Pennsylvania
4. Connecticut
3. Illinois
2. New Jersey
and the Number 1 best state to be a teacher
1. New York

Here is who made the bottom 10:

41. Maine
42. Oklahoma
43. Montana
44. New Mexico
45. North Carolina
46. Louisiana
47. Florida
48. Mississippi
49. South Carolina
50. Hawaii
51. Arizona

There are 51 because they counted Washington, D.C. in the survey. That came in at 36.


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