Dale and Lori Stevermer from Easton were recognized at Pork Congress as the Pork Promoters of the Year. I also found out that last evening at 8:30 Lori's flight to Washington D.C was departing the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport. Lori was invited to the White House this morning for the signing ceremony of the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement. Lori is on the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Board. The NPPC worked very hard along with a number of other groups to get the USMCA passed.

It was nice to see Dale and Lori be recognized as the Minnesota Pork Promoters of the year. For many years Dale, Lori and their children have been advocates for the pork industry and all of agriculture. Dale was a distance runner and ran many marathons. Dale would have a t-shirt promoting pork and the whole family would be grilling and promoting pork before and after the marathon.

So, my "claim to fame" is knowing the Stevermers who are from Easton, just west of my home town of Wells. Plus, knowing someone that was invited to the White House is the closest I will ever get to the White House!


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