Pork Congress 2018 will be held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis. This morning the Minnesota Pork Board held their annual meeting at the Hilton conveniently connected to the Convention Center and parking ramps with a skyway. Remember the Minnesota Pork Board is the check-off organization. So, the meeting this morning was open to all Minnesota Pork Producers that paid into the check-off.

There were the usual financial reports on where the Minnesota Pork Producer's check-off dollars were invested. In addition there were reports from the National Pork Board as all state Pork Boards work in cooperation with the National Pork Board. There were also reports on research projects funded by the National Pork Board. One that I found most interesting was on finding out more about consumer demands and being in synch with the major grocery store pork brands.  If any pork producer would like to see the audited Minnesota Pork Board financial report contact the Minnesota Pork Board office in Mankato.

The following Minnesota Pork Producers were elected to the Minnesota Pork Board: Sam Baidoo, Reuben Bode, Chris Compart, Meg Freking, JoDee Haala, Dan, Helvig, Brad Hennen, Galen Johnson, Rusty Kluver, Wanda Patsche, Brian Schwartz, and Myrna Welter.

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