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The ice is too thin to go on just yet but that doesn't stop some people. In Barnesville, MN they're having that problem. Kids are going out on the ice, the Barnesville Police Department will get a call, but then when they get there the kids are gone. So the police department posted a warning.

On the Barnesville Police Department Facebook page last week they shared a post that said "Stay off Blue Eagle or Santa won't come." Well that's quite the warning! Blue Eagle, by the way, is a lake in the area.

It's very dangerous to be out on the ice right now because it's not thick enough to be on. In their Facebook post, the police department mentions that "the parks department hasn’t been able to get the thin ice signs out yet because it’s still too thin to venture onto."

Also, one of the concerns with these kids going out on the ice and then vanishing before the police get there is that then the police don't know if the kids are safe. If they ran off, if they fell through the ice, or what happened.

So long story short, stay off Blue Eagle! And any bodies of water for now. It hasn't been cold enough yet for it to be safe to travel on the ice.

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