As Minnesota starts making its way into the summer of 2018, a lot of us are going to be ignoring the rising gas prices (as much as one can) and hitting the road. But whether you’re going to the lake or traveling across the country, here’s an important reminder to make sure you take a few seconds to do one very important thing that could end up saving you a lot of money.

That’s because the Rochester Police Department and hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the state are kicking off another ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign starting Monday, May 21st through June 3rd. Officers will be on the lookout for both drivers and passengers who don’t have their safety belts fastened.

This is also a part of Minnesota’s “Toward Zero Deaths” program, which aims to lower the number of fatal accidents on state roads. In 2016, 79 unbelted drivers lost their lives in Minnesota.

If you’ve ever been issued a ticket in Minnesota, you know they aren’t cheap. So don’t forget to click that bad boy before you hit the road. If, for some reason, you don’t know how to wear a seatbelt, you...should probably watch this helpful video.

Source: KAAL and YouTube

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