The Minnesota Corn Growers Association along with 14 other farm groups are asking land owners to call their Minnesota legislators and Governor Dayton to request the passage of legislation providing farmers with a property tax credit for land taken out of production and converted to buffer strips. The proposed bill would give farmers a $50 an acre property tax credit.

The proposed bill has strong bipartisan support and originally Governor Dayton supported it too. The bill would take money from the Clean Water Legacy Fund which is why Governor Dayton has backed away from his support. Governor Dayton wanted to take the money from the General budget. The session is nearing the end so farmers are asked to call or email State Senators, Representatives and Governor Mark Dayton.

Fifteen different farm groups sent a letter to Governor Dayton urging his support of the Buffer Strip Tax Credit Bill including: Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota, Minnesota AgriGrowth Council, Minnesota Barley Growers Association, Minnesota Farm Bureau, Minnesota Pork Producers Association, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, Cooperative Network, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers, Minnesota Milk Producers Association, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, and the Red River Sugarbeet Growers Association.

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