Minnesota has always had a reputation for being nice. Well as a whole the U.S. ranks 5th as a giving country. Last year the U.S. charities received $389 billion and 7.9 billion hours of service per year.

Now we go a step further as WalletHub has named Minnesota as the third most charitable state in the country. Utah and Maryland took 1 and 2 respectively. And Wyoming and Wisconsin came in 4th and 5th.

Minnesota was judged on fourteen factors such as volunteer rate, share of income donated, and public charities per capita, etc. North Dakota came in at 17, South Dakota 8 and Iowa 32.

The least charitable states in the country?

46. Arizona
47. Louisiana
48. Nevada
49. Rhode Island

And the least most charitable state in the U.S. is? Hawaii.

Minnesota also came in 3rd on Volunteer rate, and 2nd for highest % of population to donate time.



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