When Minnesota mom Christina Steil was a first-time mom to her now 3-year-old son Lincoln, she realized there wasn't a product to help her keep her son's legs and feet warm while sitting in his car seat in the winter.

Christina spoke with KARE 11 about this issue, saying, "'When my first son was about six months old, it started to get cold outside and he would constantly kick his blankets off. We had trouble with different covers, trying to find a way to keep him warm. I kept telling my mom and my husband, 'There has to be a better way.'"

That's when Christina invented BabyRoo. Her mom is a seamstress so they worked together to come up with the first prototype. Suddenly Christina had friends reaching out saying that they wanted one too.

How does BabyRoo work? It's "a patent pending pouch style blanket. Once a kid is strapped into the car seat, the BabyRoo can then be slid under the baby's legs. The legs go in the pouch and then the wings are tucked around their torso."

BabyRoo is sold on Christina's Etsy shop, Northern Style Baby. You can also check out her Facebook page HERE.

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