When you aren't feeling well you tend to let your mind wander on the internet hoping to pass time until you feel better. That was me this weekend and I stumbled across this 2011 video of butter being made at the Hope Creamery. It doesn't get much more Minnesotan than this!

The people behind the video series entitled The Perrenial Plate, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, released short films about the culinary, agricultural and hunting happenings in their home state of Minnesota on Mondays back in 2011. The husband and wife duo have even won two James Beard Awards for their food documentary work.

Let's check out this creamy smooth buttery footage shall we?

When you head to the Hope Creamery website, here, I think they say it best. "When you drive through Hope, MN you will still see the creamery looking pretty much like it did in 1920." And they still make their delicious butter pretty much the same way too.

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, it's nice to see how one of those key holiday ingredients that you used for those Christmas cookies or holiday baking was made.

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