RABE SHOT: To notice and recognize the dough-heads of the world.

Sure, criminals can escape police by driving away. Sometimes there's a chase, and around here, the dough-head is usually caught. Then, or a short time later. Today, tho, I present the story of the guy from Clarks Grove that earns his Rabe Shot the hard way.

According to Albert Lea Police, a suspicious vehicle was spotted at the Motor Inn Company late Tuesday night, so police investigated. They didn't see anything suspicious, but later, they spotted the car and went after 'em. The police say he was hightailing it outta Albert Lea, heading to Austin, and going 95 miles per hour...on icy roads!

After deploying stop sticks, 22-year-old Cully Shierts was arrested. No wonder he allegedly ran, he really slipped up. Shierts is looking at meth charges, driving after his license was taken away, and more are staring him in the face.


An officer started chasing a speeding car. In the car, he saw the driver knitting! He opened his window and yelled, "Pull over!" and they shouted back, "No, it's a sweater!"


Some info from KTTC

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