We have all had run in's with the person riding right up on our bumper then passing lane to lane because they are in a hurry and should be able to drive as fast and as recklessly as they want. I will admit in the past I had a lead foot to some degree, but I never was tailgating people but, since I have gotten older I definitely take it easy on the gas peddle.

Starting Wednesday June 24, there’ll be a month-long law enforcement campaign to crackdown on speeders on Minnesota roads. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has issued a statement saying the campaign will be carried out by sheriff’s deputies and state troopers, and will last until July 21.

According to WCCO-CBS "Safety officials say this time of year, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, is the deadliest time of year on Minnesota roads. Last year, 113 people died in speed-related fatalities, according to preliminary reports. That’s the highest number of speed-related deaths in a decade."

If you are someone who drives a car that can go at a very high rate of speed I feel like you have an obligation to be responsible and understand the power that your vehicle has and handle it as such. Just like someone driving under the influence, or texting on their phone, if you are driving at a super high rate of speed anything can happen in a split second that you cannot react to quick enough and lose control causing an accident.

The cost of a speeding ticket will vary by county, but officials say that a driver can expect a fine of around $110 for traveling 10 mph over the speed limit and fines double for anyone going over 20 mph over the speed limit. Or how about 100 mph? You could lose your license for 6 months, and don't forget how much your insurance will go up as well. Bottom line, take it easy out there and be patient on the road.

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