Thursday evening the Southeast Minnesota Ag Alliance hosted a Minnesota Candidates Forum at the Milton Township Town Hall in Dodge County. All the questions related to agricultural and rural issues. All candidates from Minnesota House districts 21A, 21b, 24a, 24b, 25a and 25b were invited. The Southeast Minnesota Ag Alliance has sponsored the forum for a number of election cycles every 2 years. It was a smaller group of candidates this year, because the Minnesota Senate was not up for election this year.

It was so nice to be a part of a candidates form that was more informal. There was not a time keeper. All the candidates were respectful of each others time. The local citizens of the area were also very polite with their actions and the questions that were submitted. There were no zingers or "got you" words exchanged between the candidates and no cheering or clapping by citizens that were there.

That is not to say candidates agreed on the role the State of Minnesota should or could play in solving problems in rural Minnesota. There was also very different opinions on how much power or authority the Department of Natural Resources or the Environmental Protection Agency should have. Candidates explained their views and how they would vote. Then citizens can decide who they want to support at the ballot box! Minnesota Nice was on display last evening!

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