The State of Minnesota might have something that's yours. Each year they acquire millions of dollars worth of property and other belongings that go unclaimed.

So, what do they do with it? Nothing, actually. It just sits there waiting for you to claim it. If you're wondering how they get it in the first place, there's a few ways.

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According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce's website, it can happen when you have a chance of address, death or you inherit something you don't know about, unclaimed wages, stocks or bonds, safe deposit boxes, dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks and more.

According to their website, they've helped return more than $590,769,000 to Minnesotans since they've been keeping track.

It sounds kind of awesome, right? You might have a lump sum of money just waiting for you. I did a quick search for my family's last name and found that my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law both have unclaimed property.

The downside of the search is that it doesn't tell you what that property is specifically or its exact value. However, it will give you a general idea about what you've got unclaimed. For example, it will tell you if your value is under $250 or over $250.

Alright, so you found out you've got unclaimed property, now what? You can actually print off a claim form and mail it in, but you need to get it notarized.

The form can be sent addressed to Department of Commerce Unclaimed Property at 85 7th Place East, Suite 280 St. Paul, MN 55101.

If you're not sure if you or a family member has unclaimed property, you can search by last name here.


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