Once a month the Steele County Sheriff's Office puts out an online publication entitled Behind the Steele Star the online newsletter covers the month that was for the sheriff's office. This month's newsletter featured one blurb that stood out, an arrested woman in Steele County, ended up bringing in two lizards into the Steele County jail.

The monthly newsletter only states about the bizarre find that:

During a recent intake at the jail these two bearded dragon reptiles were located inside the woman’s purse. Luckily jail staff were able to care for the reptiles for a short time until the female was released.

I've reached out to Sheriff Thiele if there is anything more to this or not. But what an odd find as you are preparing to book someone in jail, to open up a purse, and find two lizards.

I have so many questions. What were the lizards doing in the purse? Does this woman carry them around on a regular basis? Did jail staff put the lizards in a box or were they allowed to roam around a room? Is there a charge for bringing in 'contraband' into the jail for the lizards?

As indicated by the newsletter that it wasn't a very long time later that the woman was released, more than likely after receiving a court date.

Also in the newsletter were the two most wanted individuals in Steele County. They were Jesse Keith Moe, and Victor Manual Cruz-Puentes. Moe is wanted on a warrant for failure to register, and Cruz-Puentes is wanted for fleeing in a motor vehicle and domestic assault.

Image Credit: Steele County Sheriff's Office
Image Credit: Steele County Sheriff's Office

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