OWATONNA (WJON News) - A Minnesota-based fresh vegetable grower is expanding into another crop.

Bushel Boy, the Owatonna-based grower of fresh tomatoes and strawberries is expanding its lineup to include cucumbers.

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Bushel Boy began 32 years ago producing tomatoes for upper Midwest markets. Two years ago, they started growing strawberries nine months of the year, to provide another fresh offering when the local crops were not in season.

Logo: Submitted by Bushel Boy
Logo: Submitted by Bushel Boy

Now operating 32 acres of glass greenhouses in Owatonna, as well as another 17 acres in Iowa, Bushel Boy can provide the Rochester and Twin Cities area with tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers to stores that were picked one day ago. In the St. Cloud area, the produce was picked two days before arrival at the stores.

In October, Bushel Boy planted a small test plot of mini cucumbers and long English cucumbers. The varieties were picked because the vines grow well on the existing equipment. After the first of the year, they’ll plant more acres to provide their existing customers with fresh cucumbers.

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