The 89th Minnesota FFA Convention began this afternoon at the University of Minnesota St Paul Campus. Yes, blue jackets, the official dress of the FFA are invading the St Paul Campus. While many things within the FFA have changed over the years the blue corduroy jackets have not! They have remained the same since the FFA was founded in 1928. This year more than 3500 FFA members from around Minnesota will be at the Minnesota State FFA Convention.

I have been at the Minnesota FFA Convention for many years. It seems that there are always a couple FFA Chapters that due to schedules cannot stop by the Media Center on Monday. Therefore I spend Sunday afternoon at the State Convention too. One thing that is different this year, snow. There have been years when I am at the State Convention that I have all the corn planted. Some years like this one I have not done any fieldwork or planting.  However I do not remember being at a State Convention with piles of snow on the St Paul Campus.

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