This week members of the Minnesota Farmers Union and Minnesota Farm Bureau will be in Washington D.C. talking with Senators, Representatives and their staffs. In addition members of the Farm Bureau and Farmers Union in almost all other states will also be in Washington D.C. It is almost like a "full court press" to get the message to Congress that times are very difficult for farmers. According to the USDA Economic Research Service net farm income dropped another 13 percent in 2018. Unfortunately expenses and family living costs did not drop.

Specifically I am sure the top topic of discussion will be the new Farm Bill. Remember the current farm Bill expires on September 30, 2018. The Market Facilitation Program was a short term fix to the Trade War with China, Mexico and Canada. A longer term solution must be found. I am not aware of any other major industry that has been hurt or caught in the "crossfire"  like agriculture. I am sure the Renewable Fuel Standard and expanding ethanol and biodiesel will also be discussed.



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