Saying it has been a tough growing season would be an understatement. Corn and soybean prices are low, the frequent and heavy rain made it difficult to get the crop planted, herbicides applied, nitrogen side dressed and now get it harvested. In addition some parts of our listening area that had a good crop in the field saw it blown over by sever thunderstorms and tornadoes.

On my farm I am harvesting the poorest crops in many years. When you look at the yield monitor, it confirms what you are seeing from the cab. You start looking at the price, yield and any crop insurance you may collect. Many times you begin thinking how many dollars per acre you may get and if it will cover all the bills. In many instances the revenue per acre will not cover the costs.

So, you are left with hoping for a post harvest rally to sell any unpriced corn and soybeans. During the long days of harvest sometimes the situation can feel overwhelming. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture would like to remind farm families that the Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is free, confidential and toll free, 833-600-2360.

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