My name is James Rabe, so I do Rabe Shots about dough-heads.

What's a dough-head? A dough-head is a guy or gal, a kid or an adult, that does something dough-headed.

Like this guy. Bringing drugs to court is just a bad move. And tho Florida (FLORIDA!) is usually the place we find dough-heads, this one is ours. He's a Minnesotan! This happened in St. Cloud!

According to WJON AM1240,

Twenty-five-year-old Denzel Nichols was making a court appearance Monday when Stearns County court staff alerted the sheriff's office he was wanted on an arrest warrant out of Hennepin County.

So he was arrested and searched and that's the moment I'll bet ol' Denzel said to himself, he said, "Oh hell." You can legit forget what's in your pockets, but the moment you know you're going to be searched, the memory starts working overtime. Not that I've been searched, but it was the same when I was a kid.

Mom - Did you check your pockets?

Me - ((lying)) Of course I checked my pockets...what am I a dummy!?

Mom - ....

Mom - ...

Me - ((suddenly remembering the thing WAS in my pockets)) Fine, I'll check!

Me - Well how did I miss that!?!?

Mom - Mmmmmhmmm.

The body search showed Nichols was carrying two grams of cocaine.

Nichols is now charged in Stearns County with felony drug possession in addition to a previous domestic abuse no-contact order violation. He is also wanted in Hennepin County for felony DWI. (WJON)

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