The much ballyhooed new REAL ID's will be available in Minnesota starting on Monday, but the state doesn't want you to get one.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Well, that's not entirely true. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety DOES want you to get a new REAL ID-- just not yet. At least if you don't absolutely NEED one, that is.

Because while the new, enhanced ID's will be available starting this Monday, October 1st, the DVS is thinking that if everybody and their brother runs down to get one of these snazzy, new ID's, it'll pretty much cause a huge wait and crash the system.

And, besides, the DVS notes in this Fox-9 story, the deadline to get a new REAL ID is still two years away. Eventually, yes, you'll need one for all federal ID purposes-- including even to board a plane for a domestic flight. But that's not until October of 2020.

So, don't everybody run down to the DVS on Monday!  As the story says, "Since the deadline is two years away, for now, officials are asking residents to wait to apply. Officials are asking Minnesotans only to apply for REAL ID if they need to update their address or name or renew their current license."

That's good enough for me. I just had to renew my license last year, so I don't fit into either of those categories. And while standing in a big, long slow-moving line at the DVS sure sounds like fun (<--- note the sarcasm font) I think I'll wait until next year-- or the year after to go get one.

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