Claire LaCanne Extension Educator in Rice and Steele County asked me to continue to spread the information that storm clean up help, especially for farmers is still available! The Rice County Emergency Management team created a Rice County Storm Hotline number, 1-833-643-7423. If you need help and call that number the team will come out to your farm this weekend and help clean up the storm damage.

Driving around Faribault most of the storm damage has been cleaned up, except for cut up trees and branches piled on lawns by the street. The city of Faribault has trucks and crews working on picking up the trees and branches. It is a completely different situation when you think about tree branches, parts of buildings and other debris blown out into a farmers field.

Claire said :the Emergency Management team is extremely eager to help farmers get debris out of their fields before harvest. They would really like farmers, landowners to contact them if they have fields in need of clean-up, because the team can't/won't enter fields without permission. So, the team would like farmers/landowners to call the hotline."

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