A number of Corn Growers from Minnesota were in Washington D C last week for Corn Congress. At Corn Congress delegates are elected to the National Corn Growers Board. Congratulations to Minnesota Corn growers Association Board Chairmen Harold Wolle on being elected to the National Corn growers Association board of directors. Wolle joins Minnesota Corn Growers Director Tom Haag representing the nations corn farmers on the National Board.

In addition to electing members to the National Corn Growers Association Board of Directors at Corn Congress, time is also spent on Capitol Hill talking with Senators, Representatives and their staffs. There were 3 main issues Corn Growers talked about as high priorities. Trade was at the top of the list with the trade war and corn dropping about 70 cents a bushel. The current Farm Bill expires this fall and there is concern that Congress will not have the next Farm Bill passed by then. Finally there was concern expressed by Corn Growers about the Renewable Fuel Standard and ethanol blends.

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