The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is asking all Minnesota Corn Growers to call or email President Trump and let the Administration know what impact the trade war with China has had on their farm. There is a link on the Minnesota Corn Growers web site: that is all set up. All you have to do is click on it, tell President Trump how the trade war has impacted your farm and send it.

This is the fifth year in a row farmers have fought with low commodity prices. The trade war with China has made it worse. Then this spring the weather has made it really difficult to get the crop planted. There are many multigeneration farms that are making some very difficult decisions right now. Some have run out of equity and may not survive.

Since the trade war with China began I have asked many people, market experts, Senators, Representatives, foreign trade experts: has any other industry in the United States taken a hit like agriculture has? The only answer I have gotten is I don't know or "I am not qualified to answer that question."

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