This is such a cool idea.  I have always wanted a painting of our pet.  I know a few artists, but it can get a bit expensive.  I did think it was kind of worth it, but just to actually commission an artist to do it was proving a bit difficult. With timing and getting the actual money together to get it done....and justifying it as well.


Now, a Minnesota based company, Gray Duck Art has put together some pet painting kits.  These actually are paint by number, and it is a painting of your actual pet.  How cool is that?

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Here is how it works:

You submit a photo of your pet to the website. An artist will actually send back sketch of your pet with all of the spaces numbered, and the supplies so you can paint by number.  Voila!  Your own painting of your pet.

When you order your pet kit, this is what is included:

  • A pre-drawn paint-by-number on a 12x16 canvas of YOUR pet
  • Pre-mixed paints that correlate to the numbers on your canvas
  • A few different sized brushes
  • Plastic sheet to cover your table or work space
  • Print out with some simple directions & tips

After receiving your photo, your kit  will arrive within about 10 days.  It has been very popular item since the beginning of the pandemic.  It's a great thing for families to get together and do.  And you end up with a professional looking painting.

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