It had been a couple weeks since I had checked in with Gary Kunz County Farm Service Agency (FSA) Director in Le Sueur and Rice County. The staff at all FSA offices have had a very busy summer with crop certification and getting farmers signed up for the CFAP Program. If you have not signed up for CFAP the deadline is in the middle of September. Also, many more crops and species of livestock have been determined to be now eligible for a payment so check with your County FSA office.

County FSA staff have now moved on to filling out WHIP+ applications. Gary said many farmers are qualifying for payments under this program. Generally speaking if you collected a crop insurance payment for the 2018 or 2019 crop years you will qualify for a payment under WHIP+ too. All you have to do is call or email your County FSA office and tell them you want to sign up. County FSA staff can then get all the information they need on yields from the Risk Management Agency (RMA.) Then farmers just need to sign the application.

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