A Minnesota baker got up close with a Country star this weekend. Something Sweet by Maddie Lu got a call recently that vegan cupcakes were needed at the last minute for a birthday present. Well, our friend the baker not only ended up getting the cupcakes made, but she also got to meet Brett Young, whose drummer was celebrating their birthday, and needed the cupcakes.

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How cool is this?

I got a last minute call today that Brett Young’s drummer was in need of vegan cupcakes for his birthday. It’s not something I normally make, but I couldn’t turn that down! I made a few for Brett with his face on them too lol! They also brought us upstairs and got me a chair to sit in since I’m very visibly about to explode out a baby Country artists are like no other! So thankful!

Maddie Lu didn't disclose the flavor of vegan cupcakes that she made, but from the smile on Brett's face, they must have looked and tasted pretty good!

What an awesome experience for Maddie Lu, Brett Young, and his drummer!

Brett was in town for a concert series and was joined in Minneapolis at the Armory by Morgan Evans and  Ashley Cooke as part of his 2023 tour.

Country fans won't have to wait long for their next concert to attend as John Pardi is on his way to Maplewood on April 21st, and he will be joined by Rocket Club, Tenille Arts & TIGIRLILY GOLD.

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